Where to share smart links

January 26, 2021

Do you plan to release an album or an EP? If so, remember that it's essential to inform all your fans about it. This is where FreeYourMusic comes in with a remarkable smart link feature. This music marketing tool is perfect for reaching all song lovers regardless of the streaming service they use. Where to share smart links? Read this article to learn more.

where to share smart links

Cross-platform music sharing with FreeYourMusic smart links

Music consumption has never been so segmented. Thus, it's pointless to send a Deezer link to a Spotify user. Adding 5 links every time you post a song can be a solution but is hardly practical for promoting your music on social media. But what if you could give your listeners only one link, and then they decide where to open your music?

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or somewhere else - with the FreeYourMusic smart links feature, you can create a link to your playlist, which will be available on up to 15 music streaming services (depending on your plan). What distinguishes the FYM app is that you don't need to create a playlist from scratch for each different music streaming platform. Just do it once, for example, on Spotify, and the app will transfer your playlist to other streaming services (you need to have an account there). For example, you can easily and quickly transfer your songs from Deezer to Spotify or YouTube to Google Music.

What is more, the user will be given a smooth and elegant promotional landing page with song previews and available music platforms. All playlists sync automatically, so your links are always up to date. There is also an embed player option, which you can add to your blog or website. Get started with smart links and experience an entirely new quality of music sharing!

smart links music sharing

Where to promote your smart links?

Smart URLs were designed for artists who want to promote their music conveniently and attractively. You can use them for marketing your playlists anywhere you want. Where to share smart links? Below we collected some of the best ideas.

Smart links in bio / social profile

There are many options on the Internet where you can share your music. One of them is social media. If you're putting effort into getting your music out to people, it's a shame to disappoint them when they finally search for your name - and can't find anything. If your music project isn't present on social media, you don't exist. Social media is widely used as a handy tool for music promotion. Artists and musicians worldwide promote their image and their music via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more services. Why should you promote your music on social media? Because it allows your fans to get the information they are looking for, such as your albums, new gigs, playlists, and your photos and videos.

smart link in bio social media

Being on social media and posting content regularly is important. These are real showcases for any creative. Social networks attract over a million visitors per day. Thus, it's a perfect place to share your smart links! Your subscribers follow you, hoping that you share with them moments of your life as an artist while taking the time to explain your creation. You can create a post with a smart link, presenting your new album or playlist, and then show it to your audience. Add some description telling a fascinating story, and your followers will certainly check your latest release. An authentic text will always be read with attention by those who love you.

You may also put a smart link to the "Bio" section of your social media profile. It's a good strategy if you want to share a portfolio of your best songs. Everyone who visits your profile can find out the best about your work in one place.

Facebook profile

A Facebook profile is a "must-have" if you are a musician, DJ, or producer. Why? This social service is top-rated, making it the best place for artists to share their content with others.

Facebook's users want to be in touch with their favorite artists, and that's why they "like" their pages. The greatest strength of Facebook is the "reach" it provides when a post gets a good interaction between users. A well designed Facebook profile should have a “bio” section with, for example, a smart link leading to the artist's portfolio.

Instagram profile

Instagram is known for its square format and has primarily been a visual medium. However, as video became a bigger and bigger part of Instagram, it has become an exciting medium for musicians. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and advertising on both social networks is contracted through the Facebook advertising management panel. Instagram is relatively easy to get many interactions from users. It's always advisable to show your musical project here.

This social media platform is hugely popular, and it's a perfect spot for artists of all kinds. If you are a musician and don't have an Instagram profile: go for it and create one! In the account settings, you may add a smart link, or a link to your website.

Twitter profile

Twitter is mostly known for its character limitation (your post can have up to 280 characters). This makes it a slightly bigger challenge when it comes to content creation. However, Twitter has evolved to be able to handle more media, such as photos and videos.

Tik Tok profile

The arrival of Tik Tok deserves mention. The Chinese social network entered the West in 2018, exceeding the number of users of other established networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter. Tik Tok is a social network for sharing videos in which music plays a leading role. Loaded with irreverent, insubstantial, and fun content, Tik Tok profile can be an excellent option to get your project to a broad audience.

Smart link in social media posts

Social media is a gigantic web filled with posts. Smart links can be a great attachment to your posting schedule!

smart link social media posts


The most effective way to promote your music project on Facebook is to post regularly.

The platform supports active profiles, thus it’s important to engage your public. Each time you play a gig, release an album, a single or an EP, you should write a post about it. Don’t forget to put a smart link there! This way, your fans will be attracted by your dedicated actions.

Instagram (+ Insta stories)

The platform can be a real springboard for those who are serious about promoting their project. Musicians, DJs, and any artists have an interest in creating an Instagram account to gain visibility. The Instagram videos are limited to one minute, and photos are, therefore, the winners. However, to promote music on Instagram, you should remember that posting visual content is necessary to be noticed.

Instagram stories

Instagram Stories is a trendy feature among Instagram users. It lets you share multiple photos and videos, and they appear together in a "slideshow format" and disappear after 24 hours. What's interesting, if you have more than 10k followers, you can put a link into your Insta Story. The cool thing about Stories is that it gives you a unique user experience. Applying Instagram Story to your marketing strategy is a great way to get closer to your target public. Don't forget to put a smart link leading to your new album - Stories can broaden your range!


Three main reasons to share the news about your music on Twitter are:

  • Twitter has the lowest degree of censorship,
  • many music industry professionals have a profile there,
  • users are more likely to catch all key information due to the character limitation.

If you want to promote your music on Twitter, remember that it's a "here and now" medium, where there is an excellent focus on current events. Therefore, it's a good idea to post there more frequently than on other social media. Twitter users like it when you use the 280 characters to tell a little about what your news is about. It would be best to find a balance between how much you want to say in the tweet. If you say too little, people think it's bad. If you say too much, people may don't want to engage with your tweet. An example of a good tweet could be: "Check out my new album, where you will find unique versions of Michael Jackson's songs and many more. Listen to it here -> the smart link"


TikTok undoubtedly offers musicians the ability to touch many new listeners. Music is a basic part of short videos, which are downloaded millions of times a day. Like on Instagram, you can add music to your posts, and thanks to iGroove, you can share your songs with the millions of TikTok users.

In summary, TikTok can help you as an artist to:

  • reach a large audience with more than 500 million users,
  • make the buzz without having subscribers,
  • use a music-centric platform,
  • allow your fans to interact with your music,
  • possibly sign a contract with a label.

Smart links in descriptions

Some social services have the possibility of adding description to your creation.

YouTube video description

You can't miss YouTube if you're serious about taking your music career to the next level! This platform is the most famous video & music streaming service. It has more than a billion users - far more than Spotify and Deezer. This second most used search engine in the world is also an excellent option for music video hosting. And thanks to Google AdWords, YouTube is also a good platform to promote music. Each month YouTube attracts more than 1 billion users!

YouTube is a perfect tool to build your career over the long term, and it gives you an outstanding possibility to dive into the world of music if you're ready to work regularly. If you don't have a music video, you can make a video just with the album cover - the most important thing is that your music can be heard on YouTube. Remember to put your bio in the description, where you can share a smart link with your portfolio.

Pinterest - pin description

The Pinterest platform is a cross between a pinboard and a scrapbook. Simply speaking, it's like Twitter but only for videos and images. On Pinterest, you can create a multitude of boards, depending on how you want to organize everything. For example, you can create a board called "Your concert photos", where you would upload all the photos taken at your concerts. It can be a great way to connect with your followers directly and broaden your audience. What is important, each photo or image posted on Pinterest can also be a link! That way, you may transform an album's cover into a smart link, leading to a landing page, where users can listen to your music.

Also, don’t forget to insert a proper description to your pin.

Pinterest is usually removed from the promotional list of the vast majority of musicians. This platform is often related to vacation images, vintage clothing, and Youtubers, but it can offer a new income channel for musicians, DJs, and producers and attract new followers. You just have to find creative ways to promote your products or your music.

Soundcloud description

Soundcloud is a music streaming service that has numerous social media features. That's why it's very popular among music producers, DJs, musicians, rappers, and other artists connected to the music industry. Although SoundCloud is a music distribution website, it has maintained a strong social component. This music-themed social media is great for discovering and listening to music. And also to promote yours. The service is appreciated for its virality, flexibility, as well as being a great music marketing tool. Via Soundcloud, you can easily target specific groups, to which you can direct your music. Soundcloud can be extremely convenient and cost-effective, and it's filled to the brim with excellent features. The service provides an option of adding a description to each song, you can use it to promote your music even more.

Direct messages

Your fans, followers, friends, and loved ones are your best ambassadors. That's why, when you release an album, send it directly to them first. You can send a smart link with a short description via direct message, which can be easily forwarded. You can use, for example, Whatsapp or Messenger for this purpose.

Marketing campaigns

Knowing how to reach your potential audience is the key to success. Marketing campaigns can help you promote your music and be the perfect place to post your smart link.

Email marketing & newsletter

A newsletter is a perfect option for music promotion since you have much more impact than social networks. Therefore, it's a great way to grab the attention of your fans and engage them, for example, by sharing a smart link to your new album.

Sponsored posts & ads

The real strength of social media is the opportunity of reaching millions of users via sponsored posts & advertisements. These can be targeted according to people's age, preferences, tasted, localization, and many more. If you want to promote your music successfully and have some funds to invest in, run a campaign, add a smart link to your sponsored post, and enjoy being noticed! It's also possible to measure ads' results on external websites and applications using the Facebook pixel.


Is your audience crying out for your next album? Do you want to make an exclusive limited vinyl edition of your album? Are you itching to shoot the most beautiful music video in the world, but you can't afford your ambition? If you want to spoil your fans with something extraordinary and gain new listeners, you can start the adventure with a crowdfunding campaign. This way, you will earn money and gain popularity at the same time! A crowdfunding campaign is another excellent example of a "place" where you can share a smart link. After all, people need to know what they're paying for. Putting a link to your songs is, therefore, more than necessary in this case.

Website & Blog

Professional artists usually have their own website/blog, which can be their so-called EPK (electronic press kit). It’s a convenient option, which like a business card, can maximize your efforts while pitching music labels, curators, managers, A&R’s, or publishing companies. Just remember to make it look simple, organized, and elegant! For example, add a personalized banner with a smart link leading to your demo playlist. Thus, a person reviewing your site will be given all the required information in one place.

Smart links demo.JPG

As you can see, there are diverse places where you can share smart links! This great and innovative tool opens entirely new music marketing possibilities, which you should definitely take advantage of.