How to Create Smart Links for Music Marketing

February 11, 2021


What are smart links and how to create one? Here’s how to share your playlists across all music platforms with FreeYourMusic!

What is a Smart Link

Smart Link routes your fans to a landing page which features all platforms your music is available on. Fans all over the world use a variety of different streaming services - Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer just to name a few. When you promote your music, linking to one service can turn away users of other platforms. So when you share a Spotify link to promote your new release or playlist, you’re losing on all other fans who use different streaming services.

Knowing this, which link are you going to share with your audience? If you choose a Smart Link, you can take all your fans to the music platform of their choice.

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How to make a Smart Link

Creating Smart Links is very easy and will take you only a few clicks. Here’s a quick walkthrough where we create a smart link in one minute:

Download FreeYourMusic app for desktop or mobile and create your account. Open the app and click on the share icon. You’ll have to connect your profiles on the relevant platforms.

Note: If you don’t have official channels everywhere, it’s time to do so for the sake of your audience!

First, select the source music platform on which you’ve created your playlist. Then choose where to transfer and select your playlists.

And...that’s it! Click on Create and wait for the migration to complete. The Smart Link and landing page will be generated automatically. Your playlists are now published and synchronized across streaming platforms. Don’t hesitate to add new tracks to your playlists as FreeYourMusic will synchronize these changes everywhere.

Copy the smart link url and share your music with the world!

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How to use Smart Links for music promotion

Smart Links are a professional solution for musicians, artists, djs, influencers, music curators, labels and distributors. There are many benefits of using smart links so let’s take a look at how this marketing tool can take music promotion to the next level.

Music smart links are the perfect way to get your playlist across ALL streaming platforms.

Streaming is now more important than ever. Make sure your playlists are available across every major platform to increase your exposure! With Smart Links by FreeYourMusic, you can transfer an existing playlist to other music services. Thanks to the auto-sync feature, it will always be up-to-date.

You can share your playlists on the following streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, Soundcloud, Youtube, Youtube Music, Napster, Anghami, Qobuz, QQ, Yandex Music, VK Music, Zvuk, Gaana, JioSaavn.

Music smart links will boost your streams

Smart Links create beautiful landing pages that drive up click-through rates for your music. These micro sites for playlists will redirect fans to the music platform of their choice. Whenever they land on the landing page, they can open your music in their favourite music app.

Music smart links can help you analyze your marketing performance

Landing pages for your playlists are trackable so that you can learn more about your listeners and understand what channels are most effective. Go to the analytics dashboard to see user engagement metrics such as views, clicks, and click-throughs.

Where to share smart links

Smart Links can be added anywhere! Share them on social media posts, social media bio, youtube video description, e-mail newsletter, forums and groups. You can also embed your music on any website with our player. Put it on as many places as you can to increase the number of visitors and followers. We collected some suggestions on where to share your smart links on our blog.

Is Smart Link free

You can create Smart Links for free but to promote your music and share it with your followers, you need to purchase one of our professional licenses. For detailed info about pricing and features, please check our offer.

Best Smart Link for music marketing

FreeYourMusic is the best Smart Link for music as it lets you transfer your playlists to all streaming services. Once you’ve curated a playlist on the source platform, you can automatically feature it on various streaming accounts. The auto-sync feature will keep them up-to-date so whenever you add a new track, FreeYourMusic will fetch the song and upload it to other music services. Create your playlist once and get it on all music services.

With FreeYourMusic, creating Smart Links is plain simple and you can do it on any operating system: Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. The interface is very simple and lets you create Smart Links in seconds. All you have to do is pick the source and destination platform and select which playlists you want to share.